LifewithArt believe that art and the creative process play an important role in enriching lives, reducing isolation, nurturing self-esteem and encouraging inclusion.

My collage is of my dog Sasha. I enjoyed the sticking of
paper and colours. I am pleased with how it looks finished
and I'm going to put it on my bedroom wall.

Heeley Farm Service User, Sheffield

The sessions provided me with space for myself and the opportunity to raise my depressive spirits.

Service User, Music Workshop, Uxbridge

I really enjoyed the workshops. It was great to go out
every Monday.

Brenda, Percy Hedley Foundation , Newcastle

As a group we had the most wonderful time. Our art skills
were used and we felt we made fantastic progress. We are
all excited about coming again next week.

Granton Day Centre,  Edinburgh

It's so accommodating, I can't believe it's free! The
resources are perfect for our ladies. The art teachers are
very nice and welcoming.

Leane, Park Paling, Coventry

You know when a group’s doing well when you see its’ members totally focussed. Without any shadow of a doubt this can most certainly be said of the  LifewithArt sessions.

Art Shape, Gloucester

I have enjoyed making a giant robot. It might be too tall
to fit in the room when we put the legs on!

Jake, Manor Green College, Crawley

Mervyn was very responsive to the sessions. He doesn’t
usually communicate verbally & usually finds it difficult to
interact and join in with activities but this was perfect for
him. He was a myriad of smiles and laughs. Great workshop.
Thank you all.

People in Action, Leeds

What do we do?

We focus on helping our clients throughout the UK by providing art, music, drama and photography workshops run by experienced CRB checked tutors. The teachers, the workshop space, materials and refreshments are all provided completely free of charge. Workshops are held in our Charity Arts Centres  across the county.

Who do we work with?

LifewithArt support local community groups and smaller regional charities. Our service users include people with mental health, learning and physical disabilities, the elderly and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you know of a group of service users who would benefit from our workshops please get in contact with us.

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