LifewithArt was delighted to sponsor the Myaware 2013 Art Competition which attracted entrants from as far afield as Israel. The quality of the entries was outstanding and made it extremely difficult for the judges to pick a winner. The artwork is being exhibited around the country in our Charity Arts Centres and is being appreciated both by the regional Myaware groups and members of the public.

Myaware is an organisation registered as a charity on 19th May 1995. However it has been around as an organisation since May 1976, offering support to people with Myasthenia and their families, increasing public and medical awareness and raising funds for research.

Myaware provide support branches throughout the UK and Republic of Ireland as well as specialist contact groups for children and young people. Myaware acts as a contact point putting people with Myasthenia and their families in touch with each other so that they do not feel isolated in dealing with this rare disease. The association also puts members in touch with other appropriate agencies for any specific problems they are facing, for example problems with benefits.

Myasthenia is a severe muscle weakening disease. People with Myasthenia Gravis have a fault in the way the electrical messages travel from the nerve to the muscle. Antibodies attack the receptors on the muscle fibres which means the muscles can’t work properly. Some muscles are more affected than others. Eye and eyelid muscles are affected in the worst way, however some sufferers experience weakness in the swallowing muscles and diaphragm muscles which can prove fatal if not treated. Others experience difficulty with their limbs. People with Myasthenia Gravis can find it hard to smile; sometimes speaking is difficult without slurring; people can fall over because their legs just don’t work.

Specialist MG Nurse positions have been established with the help of Myaware and aim to provide a personalised service to everybody affected by MG.MG nurses are a vital life line for people with Myasthenia but they do not replace the service provided by consultant neurologists. If you are struggling with any aspect of your MG, concerned about other conditions that maybe affecting your MG or if you would like advice about your medication, specialist nurses can provide the following services:

  • Support by presenting at consultant clinic.
  • Support with symptom management.
  • Support with advice regarding changes in medication and treatment.
  • Support via telephone advice line.
  • Support with referral to other disciplines/agencies.
  • Advice on lifestyle.
  • Support via fast track referral to consultant neurologist if necessary.


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