LifewithArt has collated a stunning exhibition of art, photographs, prose and poetry created and written by the young people that Indigo Project supports.

Indigo Project is an independent, user-led organisation which provides a unique and successful approach to working with young people aged 13 – 24 who self-injure. Young people self-injure as a way of dealing with extreme emotional distress. It is a way of surviving. The most common methods are cutting, burning, scalding, inserting objects into their skin and ingesting toxic substances. There are always underlying reasons to self-harm. These may be due to happenings or emotions experienced in the present or the past.

The infliction of the self-injury will give the young person temporary relief, but may well re-enforce their negative self-perceptions; worthlessness, needing punishment, uselessness, inability to cope like everyone else etc. This distorted self-image can result in withdrawal from family, school, friends, society generally; or it may result in the young person becoming angry and aggressive, which may also lead to problems within the family, exclusion from school, alienating friends and becoming more angry and unhappy. Self-injury can remain a secret for years.The exhibition helps the outsider understand how a person who is self-harming feels within themselves and the cry for the help and love which they need so badly.

Warning: the exhibition contains artwork which some viewers may find emotionally distressing.

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