Hft is a national charity supporting people with learning disabilities and their families.  Everything they do focuses on helping the people they support live the life they choose.

LifewithArt has collated a series of photographs, produced by a large number of the people Hft supports. They either show how their lives have been changed with the help of Hft or, in other cases, are artistic photos that they have taken themselves. LifewithArt has given them the opportunity to display them in a large format exhibition. The display makes for a wonderful mixed exhibition of artistic talent and lifestyle changes.

Hft support people with learning disabilities by:

  • working in partnership with them and those that know them well to create flexible services that meet their needs, whether they need regular or just occasional support.
  •  where possible, involving them in deciding who supports them so they have the opportunity to do things they like, whether that’s meeting new friends, developing hobbies, working or volunteering.
  •  involving them in deciding how Hft is run, both locally and nationally.
  •  supporting them to have the home life they want, whether that’s in a residential home, at home with their family, or in their own home.
  •  helping them be independent by looking at their needs and using the right technology to meet those needs, as well as helping them develop the skills and confidence to do things themselves where they can.
  •  providing free support and information to families and carers of all people with learning disabilities, whether or not they’re supported by Hft.

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