Our thanks to tutor Dawn Taylor who recently ran LifewithArt’s very first yoga workshops. The clients attended from the ‘Moving Forward Project’ at local community organisation St. James Centre which helps young adults with disabilities develop fulfilling and enjoyable lives. The workshops kicked off with a yoga circle, to unite the group, and a fun disco warm up. The clients then learnt some yoga poses inspired by the animals and flora on the magnificent mosaic they also had the opportunity to make during the series of workshops at Northgate House in Derby. The bee, the jellyfish and elephant were just a few of the poses the group got to grips with. The workshops included some games set to gentle music and some playful breath exercises with scarves. After all the fun and hard work on the mosaic, the group earned a well deserved chill-out on the carpet while Dawn played her rainstick down their backs. Bliss!



Everyone had a great time and the group are looking forward to returning to the building for more workshops in the future.

I liked making designs with different colours and finding pieces to fit in the holes. Nasish

I enjoyed it all especially the dancing and the music. Sayeeda