Looking back over the first half of the year it’s incredible to see what we’ve accomplished at LifewithArt. In the few months from March through August we took on 7 brand new Charity Arts Centres spread from Frimley in the east to Taunton in the south-west up to Walsall in the north-west. To the uninitiated opening 7 centres in a few months may not seem too taxing but crunching the numbers tells a very different story. We’ve hired 11 new arts tutors, 10 new Gallery Managers and 1 office administrator, booked 19 new groups of clients, run 20 Myaware events and spent thousands of pounds on advertising. We’ve run a whopping 115 workshops and that’s just the workshops held in the new centres – we’ve run 3 times that amount if you take into consideration our more established centres. I considered calculating the number of miles driven by LifewithArt Operations Manager, Ali Huckle, over the past 6 months but I’m not sure my calculator goes that high!

So what’s next? Operations are settling down in our centres opened in the earlier part of the year. New tutors are working well together and more clients are attending workshops as the word gets around to their friends about how much fun the sessions are. We’re quickly getting up to speed in our Walsall and Derby centres which only opened at the end of August. Exhibitions, workshops and events are all in place for our new Oxford Charity Arts Centre due to open on 8th September. Finally, we’re all looking forward to the opening of what will be our most easterly centre – Ipswich – on 20th October. Here’s hoping the second half of the year is as exciting as the first half!

For more information on Charity Arts Centre details and opening dates Click here.